Youtube Subscribers really very important and necessary with any Youtubers. So many people want to have Youtube Subscribers as many as possible. It’s a big demand. At this article, I will share 4 ways to get real Youtube Subscribers that I know. So you can choice 1 or combined 4 ways to have many subscribers.

4 free and charge ways to get more Youtube Subscribers. Of course that you will need take efforts, time and knowledge with free way.

Youtube Subscribers help identity or spread your channel brand on Youtube. So you need to have many Youtube Subscribers at first. Because it’s platform basic before you want promote your videos or become center.

Get real Youtube Subscribers on Submenow(dot)com

Submenow is a system active with principle: “I subscribe to you, you subscribe to me”. You join this system and have many packages include pay fees and free for choice. Submenow have 3 free and 3 charge fees packages.

3 free packages are: “Free All-In-One”; “Jet All-In-One”; “Rocket All-In-One”

3 charge packages are: “Bronze All-In-One”; “Silver All-In-One”; “Gold All-In-One”

For example as:

You choice free package: “Free All-In-One”

  •  You like: 6
  •  You subscribe: 6
  •  Time needed: 4 min.
  •  Get subscribers:  3
  •  Get likes:  3
  •  Get views:  3

Mean that you need to like and subscribe for 6 different channels/videos but you only receive 3 subscribers, 3 likes and 3 views each day. You need come back after 24 hours to re-active this package. It’s manual.

If you choice charge fees package: “Bronze All-In-One”

  •  Get subscribers:  15
  •  Get likes:  7 – 15
  •  Get views:  7 – 15
  •  Automatic
  •  12 $ / month

Mean that you will get 15 subscribers, 7-15 likes, 7-15 views each day and continue within 1 month. You not need subscribe back for any channels or videos in this package. All are completed automatic.

Review about get real Youtube Subscribers on Submenow

You should use free package 1 time to test quality subscribers. If you not want subscribe back to other channels or videos, charge fees packages is for you.

3 disadvantages you need to save before use Submenow:

  • ·         Sometimes, website Submenow(dot)com meet interruption or connection very slow. This create inconvenience for users.
  • ·        The subscribers on Submenow is unactive because their mission only like and subscribe for videos and channels and will not interesting to your contents videos.
  • ·         The subscribers on Submenow likely drop after you get subscribers. Very many complaining from many users about this issues. WHY? Because haven’t any things to prevent the users unsubscribe after click subscribe. If the subscribers drop then Submenow will not responsible for this issues. They will not replace subscribers for your channel. This is a big issue that you need to review.

3 advantages from Submenow:

  • ·         Submenow is safe and well. Haven’t any document or rules on Youtube forbid or allow this principle.
  • ·         Submenow provide real Youtube Subscribers. Because the users need to use main channel to get subscribers and subscribe back to other channels.
  • ·         Submenow is free. But you need to patient to visit Submenow each day!

Get real and free Youtube Subscribers on Facebook Groups

This way is completely free and also active follow : “I subscribe to you, you subscribe to me” but you will need to do it manual.

You only need search: “Youtube Subscribers!” on Facebook search then it will show many Facebook Group to you can choice. You can join many groups that you want.

This is biggest Facebook Group for Youtube Subscribers exchange with more than 100,600 members that I know:

You only need enter your channel URL on that group and request people subscribe then you will subscribe back with a screenshot as a evidence!

Review about get Youtube Subscribers on Facebook Group

3 Disadvantages:

  •          Number of subscribers in the channel drop very quickly because haven’t anything forbid UNSUBSCRIBE after exchange.
  •         The subscribers is not active to interact with your videos. Also, the members likely use fake account to SUBSCRIBE for your channel
  •          Although this way is free but it require very much your time and efforts and patience. Many people feel boring when request other persons SUBSCRIBE.

3 Advantages:

  • ·         Almost the subscribers are real.
  • ·         This method is free. You can get many subscribers if you really very persistence.
  • ·         You can join many Facebook Group Youtube Subscribers at a once and get unlimit subscribers each day!

Get real Youtube Subscribers on social networking, forum

  • If you confident that your videos really attractive and professional, you can write articles helpful about your field and may be include video then share it on  Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram… or the place that you know. This will help spread your brand and don’t forget ask people visit and interact with your Youtube channel and videos.
  • You can go to then search: “keyword +forum”. For example as: “youtube subscribers +forum” . Google will show very many forum related about Youtube Subscribers. You should sign up on that forum then write articles or post comments include your Youtube channel. You also should write a few rows description about your field because this will help people easier more to understand about your field. Of course that don’t forget leave your channel URL and ask SUBSCRIBE.

Review about get real Youtube Subscribers on social networking, forum

 2  Disadvantages:      

  • ·      You need to do this method manual. This require you need take much time and efforts and patience.
  • ·    Number of subscribers will increase slowly

2 Advantages:

  • ·         The subscribers are real and really interesting to your field. This will create interaction for your videos
  • ·         The subscribers likely stay a long time on your channel.

Buy real Youtube Subscribers is the quickly way and effective way

If you haven’t much time and efforts to promote number of subscribers for your channel, buy Youtube Subscirbers is the best way in this case. Buy Youtube Subscribers will help your channel have a big number of subscribers in a short time. You only need choice a package and send Youtube channel URL then do payment. Of course that you only need looking for a Youtube Subscribers service offer real Youtube Subscribers at cheap prices. This really difficult with the buyers haven’t many experiences! WHY? In market, haven’t many Youtube Subscribers services really not do work or deliver very slow or provide unstable Youtube Subscribers.

Also, many Youtube Subscribers service looks website very professional and provide the prices expensive but offer low quality Youtube Subscribers.

A note that the buyers need to ask Youtube services that about warranty for Youtube Subscribers after deliver. How time that they will warranty for Youtube Subscribers deliver? So the buyers need equipped experiences!


Review about buy Youtube Subscribers

2  Disadvantages:

  •         Almost the subscribers are not active or interaction although real. Because their mission is only SUBSCRIBE for your channel!
  •         You need to have experience to choice a reliable Youtube Subscribers

4  Advantages:

  •          You not need to do anything. The subscribers will increase quickly on your channel.
  •          The subscribers are real.
  •          A big number of subscribers will help your channel get organic subscribers each day because your channel looks very professional in the eyes of many people.
  •          Drive more traffic to interact with your video and targeted website.

You should invest time and have knowledge to get real Youtube Subscribers

You also can combined  4 that ways that I mention above to get more Youtube Subscribers if you have much time and efforts.

Get many real Youtube Subscribers really not easy with any Youtubers.  This require you invest time and equipped knowledge.

With personality, i will recommend you use buy real Youtube Subscribers way. Because it’s fast and convenient. Let Youtube services marketing for your channel and videos. They are experts and have many experiences in social media marketing. They know how to bring a big amount of subscribers. Also, you can purchase unlimited amount of subscribers. So you will take time to create quality videos and great contents in your field.  Of course that choice is yours.

Thank for read this article. If you feel this article is well and helpful then please share to people who you know! Good luck!