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Trying to get yourself started in the music industry does require a lot of work. Many people believe that the hardest part of this career is making incredible music for all to hear. Little do they know, the hardest part is in the distribution. No matter how good your music is, your career won’t get off the ground without listeners. This is absolutely true for those using Spotify as its primary music distribution platform.


The Buy Spotify plays option from BuyViewsLikes contributes to the success of many newcomers in the platform. Below are some of the advantages offered by buying Spotify plays:


· Brand establishment

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With Spotify plays from real users, your music career will be successful in no time. Better yet, the number of plays will also make you eligible for royalty from Spotify! Buy Spotify plays from BuyViewsLikes now. 



  • PACK-1

    5,000 Real Spotify Plays

    18.00 (USD)

      No split

      24-48 hours delivery
      Genuine & Permanent Plays
  • PACK-2

    10,000 Real Spotify Plays

    35.00 (USD)
      Can split to 2 tracks
      24-48 hours delivery
      Genuine & Permanent Plays
  • PACK-3

    20,000 Real Spotify Plays

    69.00 (USD)

      Can split to 4 tracks

      24-48 hours delivery
      Genuine & Permanent Plays
  • PACK-4

    40,000 Real Spotify Plays

    135.00 (USD)

      Can split to 8 tracks

        24-48 hours delivery
        Genuine & Permanent Plays
  • PACK-5

    80,000 Real Spotify Plays

    269.00 (USD)

      Can split to 16 tracks

          24-48 hours delivery
          Genuine & Permanent Plays
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