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Imagine that if your video have many positive comments, it will help impressing in the eyes of people. More Youtube Comments will helps change the way people thinking about your video. The visitors likely also leave the comments after they read positive comments before. Your video also should have more views and likes. Buy Youtube Comments on BuyViewsLikes mean that your video will get positive comments from real Youtube users and the comments are stable (never drop) and concern with your video content.


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P/S: If you want to split amount of comments to many videos or need to send custom comments. Please send your videos URL and custom comments for each video to our email address: If you haven't custom comments, we will send positive comments write by ourselve.


  • PACK-1

    15 YT Comments/Likes/Views

    10.00 (USD)

        Can split to 3 videos

        24 hours delivery 

        100% Guaranteed Results


  • PACK-2

    30 YT Comments/Likes/Views

    25.00 (USD)

        Can split to 6 videos

        24-48 hours delivery 

        100% Guaranteed Results

  • PACK-3

    60 YT Comments/Likes/Views

    45.00 (USD)

        Can split to 12 videos

        24-48 hours delivery

        100% Guaranteed Results

  • PACK-4

    120 YT Comments/Likes/Views

    70.00 (USD)

        Can split to 24 videos

        2-3 days delivery

        100% Guaranteed Results

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