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Buy Youtube Likes will helps your video have many likes in a short time. If you promote the number of likes by yourself, you will take very much time and efforts. We are experts and know how to send many likes for your video quickly. We ensure 100% safe for your video, so you can be assured to use this service. We are using advertising and marketing methods to bring likes for your video and this within a term of Youtube.


When your video has many likes, this will help SEO it on Youtube search. Besides, people will recognize the quality of your video easily. Youtube Likes very important if you won't become more popular and more professional. The truth is that get more genuine Youtube Likes very important to the video has a high ranking on the search engine. More likes mean that more opportunities for your video get more organic views, comments, favorites, or shares. If your video has many likes as the basis, it will create a big basic to promote your video next time. Moreover, get a big number of Youtube Likes and Views will help your video get more organic traffic to the targeted website and increase sales. Very many benefits waiting for you when has many Youtube Likes.

At, we support to split order YT Likes to many videos as our packages describe. The likes of real humans and stable. All our customers very satisfy with the likes which we delivery so they've come back for more. We can perform a huge number of orders at once!


What are the benefits that you will receive when buying Youtube Likes on   

✔ We will provide you real and permanent Youtube Likes. The likes will never drop on your video!

✔ We have a 1-year warranty and refill for the likes after delivery!

✔ BuyViewsLikes will bring you real likes at the cheapest prices on the market. 1,000 Youtube Likes only for $26 while other providers gets you for $45 to $60. This deal will help you save money and time while bringing better service.

✔ We provide you the likes with fast delivery. We usually only need 24 hours to deliver after your purchase.

✔ 100% safe ensure. Haven't any videos get any issues when using our Youtube services

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✔ We always send many extra likes for the order.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Are buying Youtube Likes legal and safe?


Today, this way is recognized and applied by millions of Youtube users in the world. The buyers should choose the right provider using natural and organic methods to bring the number of likes. Youtube does not forbid anyone to use Youtube Likes services. Of course, this way is completely safe and legal. Also, you use the reputation of the Youtube Likes service to get the best benefits. It’s our suggestion.


  • How to put an order?


It’s simple. You only need to enter a video URL, then click Add to Cart. Next, you make the payment through Paypal. It’s complete.


  • When do I see the number of likes increase?


We will send you an email notification and begin within 12 to 24 hours after you put new order.


  • How much speed for Youtube Likes in this service?


BuyViewsLikes is offering 100 to 500 Youtube Likes each day. Of course, we will speed up if you have a big order such as 5,000 or 10,000 likes.  


  • The number of likes is stable and permanent?


Yes, our Youtube Likes are permanent and no-drop. We have a 1-year warranty for the number of likes. You only need to send an email notification if you see any issues, then we will support you quickly.


  • Why should I buy Youtube Likes on this service?


BuyViewsLikes proudly delivered more than 200,000 orders Youtube Likes successfully. We have 100% satisfaction from thousands of buyers. Most buyers came back for more. Moreover, we are offering you the best deal in the market. Furthermore, our likes are genuine and legit. So it helps boost your video presence without any risks or issues.  


  • How to I can split the number of Youtube Likes into many video URLs?


You can enter: “Send video URLs through email” when putting the order. Then send video URLs that you need to split to our email address: Of course, you should see the number of videos limited in the package.


Get a huge number of YT Likes with a low budget on this service right now!


  • PACK-1

    100 Real YouTube Likes

    5.00 (USD)

        24 hours delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-2

    200 Real YouTube Likes

    7.00 (USD)
        24-48 hours delivery 

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-3

    500 Real YouTube Likes

    14.00 (USD)

        24-48 hours delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-4

    1,000 Real YouTube Likes

    26.00 (USD)
        24-48 hours delivery 

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-5

    2,000 Real YouTube Likes

    49.00 (USD)
        24-48 hours delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-6

    3,000 Real YouTube Likes

    69.00 (USD)

        24-48 hours delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-7

    4,000 Real YouTube Likes

    89.00 (USD)
        24-48 hours delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-8

    8,000 Real YouTube Likes

    175.00 (USD)

        3-5 days delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-9

    16,000 Real YouTube Likes

    345.00 (USD)

      4-6 days delivery

        100% Results Guaranteed 

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

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