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Why your Post should get more Instagram Comments?

In case you want to create more conversations and get more interaction like fires forest, you should buy Instagram comments. Because a photo has many IG comments will become exciting and attractive in the eyes of people. With the positive or custom Instagram Comments, this will make your photos central and assertion with people that your photos are quality and recognized. The visitors likely will send comments when they know many people recognized your photos before. If your IG posts have exciting comments, your products likely become more professional and attract more potential customers for your business.

Moreover, we are using advertising and natural methods to bring Instagram Comments for your photo. We will make your Instagram Photo become outstanding and get more interaction. Besides, you can't increase many comments by yourself. So this way will help boost your IG Post quickly. Of course, it will help save time, energy for you. Those are the benefits and advantages of Instagram Comments bring. 

Also, you should buy Instagram likes for posts to get more impressive, recognition, and exposure. A combination of Instagram Comments and Likes will bring the highest effectiveness and look more natural.

We also recommend you should spread comments to many photos to looks more natural and more organic. BuyViewsLikes will support you to do this.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What're quality comments that BuyViewsLikes bring?


The comments are positive and related. You can send us custom comments write by yourself then we will send them to your photos. Buy Custom Instagram Comments is an effective way to convey your message. Please send a list of custom comments or, we send positive and related comments written by ourselves!

Is buying Instagram Comments legal?

Yes, we ensure 100% safe for your Instagram Posts. We ever see any Posts face the issue when using this service. We are bringing IG Comments from genuine users with an organic method. So you can be assured.


The custom Instagram Comments or Positive Comments are permanent? 

Yes, the comments are permanent will stay forever in your photos. We ensure you will satisfy because we have 100% Satisfaction with this service!

How to split the comments into many Posts? 

You can split the number of comments to many Instagram Post URLs. Please note that we can send 10 Instagram Comments to 1 photo at least. 


BuyViewsLikes accept the custom comments written by myself?

We also accept to bring the custom comments written by yourself. Please send Instagram Post URLs (in case you need to split) and custom IG comments to our email address:


  • PACK-0

    10 Real Instargam Comments

    3.50 (USD)

      No split

      Deliver within 24 hours
      100% Guaranteed Results
  • PACK-1

    30 Real Instargam Comments

    9.00 (USD)

      Can split to 3 photos

        Deliver within 24 hours

        100% Guaranteed Results

        Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-2

    60 Real Instagram Comments

    17.00 (USD)

      Can split to 6 photos

          Deliver within 24-48 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

          Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-3

    120 Real Instagram Comments

    34.00 (USD)

      Can split to 12 photos

          Deliver within 24-48 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

          Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

  • PACK-4

    240 Real Instagram Comments

    68.00 (USD)

      Can split to 24 photos

          Deliver within 24-48 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

          Quickly Support & Fast Delivery

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