Buy Instagram Views Cheap


Why does your video need to get Instagram Views Cheap?

If your video has a few views and you need to create traction, buy Instagram Views Cheap is necessary. A big number of IG views will make your video looks more outstanding and more professional. Many IG views also make your video looks attractive and curious in the eyes of people. They will feel your Instagram Video is exciting to discover and learn about your video. Else, if your IG video only has a few views, most people will ignore it to forward it to another video. Moreover, many Instagram Views will make your video become the center and attention of people. With buy Instagram Views Cheap, this service will help you save time, effort, and money while bringing a big amount of views. 

Also, get more real views open the opportunity to drive more traffic to your website business. Besides, this way helps you get more potential audiences. Don't miss any opportunities to promote your brand on Instagram!

Buy Instagram Views Cheap

Buy Instagram Views Cheap

Why is BuyViewsLikes the best service on Instagram Views Cheap?

BuyViewsLikes have completed more than 60,000 orders of Instagram Views. BuyViewsLikes proud become the favorite service of thousands of businesses or individuals. Moreover, our method brings views tested through many years to perform and ensure 100% safe. With the perfect system, BuyViewsLikes will bring quality views at an affordable price. We ensure that you receive the best deal in the market at this service!

How quality Instagram Views that you will receive?

The views are real and permanent (no drop). We have a lifetime warranty for the number of views after delivery. 100% Satisfaction and 100% Guarantee Results are our ensures.

How to split the views into many IG Post Videos?

In case you have many Instagram Videos URLs that need to split, please send them to our email address: after put the order! You only need to enter: "send videos URLs through email" when entering the link on the textbox.


Is this service is legal and safe?

The truth is that Instagram does not forbid their users to use Instagram marketing services to boost the number of views. In case Instagram Views providers use organic and natural methods to bring genuine Instagram Views, it's 100% legal. BuyViewsLikes make sure to send real and permanent IG Views for the video. Of course, we ensure this service is legit and 100% safe for your Post Videos or Account. We delivered thousands of orders without any issues or risks.


When will I receive enough Instagram Views?

We usually need 12-24 hours to deliver Instagram Views after you put the order. Our Instagram Views are instant delivery. We only need the time to update the new order and begin!


  • PACK-0

    2,500 Instagram Video Views

    5.00 (USD)

      Can split to 5 videos

          Deliver within 24 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

  • PACK-1

    5,000 Instagram Video Views

    9.00 (USD)

      Can split to 10 videos

          Deliver within 24 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

  • PACK-2

    10,000 Instagram Video Views

    18.00 (USD)

      Can split to 20 videos

          Deliver within 24 hours

          100% Guaranteed Results

  • PACK-3

    20,000 Instagram Video Views

    27.00 (USD)

      Can split to 40 videos

      Deliver within 24 hours
      100% Guaranteed Results
  • PACK-4

    40,000 Instagram Video Views

    54.00 (USD)

      Can split to 80 videos

      Deliver within 24 hours
      100% Guaranteed Results
  • PACK-5

    80,000 Instagram Video Views

    105.00 (USD)

      Can split to 160 videos

        Deliver within 24-48 hours
        100% Guaranteed Results
  • PACK-6

    160,000 Instagram Video Views

    160.00 (USD)

      Can split to 320 videos

          Deliver within 24-48 hours
          100% Guaranteed Results
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