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Buy SoundCloud Plays will help promote your brand music presence and have wider audiences. A huge number of plays will spread your track like go viral and become popular instantly. Also, many plays will make your track credibility and prominently. Your talent music will become more highlight and more popular. Many plays mean that open opportunities to your track get more organic audiences and drive more traffic to your website music each day. Buy SoundCloud Plays is the fastest and effective way to your track have a big number of plays in a short time. This way will help your music get more recognition and popular instantly.


Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap will help you save money while get more plays. In market, many SoundCloud Plays services provide 1,000 SoundCloud Plays for $5. On BuyViewsLikes, we are offering 500,000 SoundCloud Plays only for $8 and can split up into 5 tracks. Mean that helps you save $2992. You can compare quality plays between our service and other SoundCloud services. We ensure provide real and high quality SoundCloud Plays! Our SoundCloud plays are permanent and no drop. SoundCloud Plays are WorldWide in this service. We also have LIFETIME WARRANTY for the plays that we deliver. Therefore, get SoundCloud plays cheap is the best solution for SoundCloud marketing while bringing the results more than expectation.


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In this service, we ensure that we will bring high-quality and permanent SoundCloud Plays to your track. Our SoundCloud Plays are very stable and permanent in your track. The number of plays is no drop or reduce. Besides, we have the lifetime warranty for the amount of SoundCloud Plays that you purchase after delivery. We ensure that our SoundCloud Plays are legit and recognized in the SoundCloud community.

Thousands of buyers recognized our quality SoundCloud Plays and ordering more.

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In case you need real SoundCloud Plays legit, this service also responds to this requirement. We are bringing SoundCloud Plays are legit within the term of SoundCloud. BuyViewsLikes team is proud that we can bring real SoundCloud Plays and provide you an overall solution for SoundCloud promotion. Make your track music become popular and professional need to get formula or traction, buy real SoundCloud Plays legit is a great way to make people appreciate and recognize your track easily!

We ensure that we are using natural and organic methods to bring SoundCloud Plays to your tracks. So as you see, we can ensure and warranty for the results that we deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Buy SoundCloud Plays is legal?

The truth is that SoundCloud does not forbid to buy plays but you should use the reputation of SoundCloud marketing provider to boost your track music. They will use advertising and organic methods to bring SoundCloud Plays. So this will ensure 100% safe for your tracks on SoundCloud.

  • Is it safe to buy Plays on BuyViewsLikes?

Yes, we ensure 100% safe for your tracks. We have been completed more than 500,000 orders for SoundCloud Plays without any issues or risks. Besides, BuyViewsLikes is one of the leading providers of SoundCloud marketing with more than 9 years of experience. So you can peace of mind when using this service!

  • Why should I use the SoundCloud Plays service of BuyViewsLikes instead of others?

You can see that we are offering permanent and legit SoundCloud Plays at the best deal in the market. Besides, we are helping you save time, effort while our service is creating a big advantage for your track. 

This will your track's music become more popular, more professional, and more outstanding. Moreover, our methods are providing you very many benefits and advantages to overcome the competitors. Also, we support the buyer to split into many tracks URLs without more fees. 


  • How to split the number of plays into many SoundCloud tracks URLs?

BuyViewsLikes support to split evenly amount of plays into many tracks URLs. You only need to enter - "Send tracks URLs through email" when put the order and send your tracks URL need to split to email address: Then we will split them as you request.


  • PACK-1

    500,000 Real SoundCloud Plays

    8.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly into 5 tracks URL

        Deliver within 2-3 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-2

    1,000,000 Real SoundCloud Plays

    15.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly up to 7 tracks

        Deliver within 2-3 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-3

    2,000,000 Real SoundCloud Plays

    29.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly up to 14 tracks

        Deliver within 3-4 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-4

    4,000,000 Real SoundCloud Plays

    57.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly up to 28 tracks

        Deliver within 3-5 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-5

    8,000,000 SoundCloud Plays

    113.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly up to 56 tracks

        Deliver within 4-6 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-6

    16,000,000 SoundCloud Plays

    225.00 (USD)

        Can split evenly up to 112 tracks

        Deliver within 6-8 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

  • PACK-7

    32,000,000 SoundCloud Plays

    448.00 (USD)

      Can split evenly up to 224 tracks

        Deliver within 6-8 days

        100% Results Guaranteed

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