Top Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to i can send payment to BuyViewsLikes?
You can do payment on Paypal or Payoneer. We integrated payment via Paypal on website.

In case you want to do payment through Payoneer, please send us package(s) that you need then we will send a request payment to your email address! 


Q: BuyViewsLikes using methods to send likes/followers/... are safe?


Yes, we ensure it. We are expects in social marketing and our method test through 7 years perform. We will never open our services if it's unsafe. So you don't worry. We using advertising methods to send likes/followers/... and it approved by term of social networks today.


Q: Can i purchase a custom package?


Yes, of course. You only need send us a request to email address: buyviewslikes@gmail.com then we will do check and send you the best prices for your custom package.

Q: Can i purchase followers on a social networks which haven't on BuyViewsLikes?


Yes. We can provide likes/followers for very many other social networks which we not post on BuyViewsLikes such as: Bloglovin, Linkedln... So you only need let us know your request then we will do check and reply to you very quickly!


Q: When BuyViewsLikes will start for my order?


We will try to start your order as soon as possible. We need 24 hours to send you a email notice and start for your order at maximum. We also will delivery fast for your order so you don't worry!


Q: How to i can know BuyViewsLikes received my payment?


We will send you a email notice and start your order within 24 hours after you purchase. So nothing to worry!


Q: Are the likes/followers/... from different IP address?


Yes the likes/followers/... from different IP address.


Q: Are they real likes/followers/...?


Almost our services are from real human. Only Twitter Followers and Vine Followers are Looking Real followers. We also description very clear on our services.


Q: The likes are stable and permanent?


Yes. The likes/followers/... are stable. Only have about a few followers drop if have. We also always add extra a little of followers for your order(s). In case have many followers drop then we will replace for you or refund enough your money back if you want. So you don't worry. But this case is rarely!


Q: Can i use a Trial package for free to test the service on BuyViewsLikes?


Sorry but we haven't Trial packages at currently. Because we also need pay for our employees and the system to bring likes/followers/... for your page. You also know that not easy to get more likes/followers/...






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