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 Increase Downloads for All Episodes


For example as: You purchase 5,000 PodCast Downloads & your PodCast list has 10 Episodes, then we will send 500 PodCast Downloads for each Episode.



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 With PodCast STREAM: Our system increase Streams for All you Episodes



For example as: You purchase 2,000 PodCast Streams & your PodCast list has 10 Episodes, then we will send 500 PodCast Streams for each Episode.


Please send an email to our email address: in case you still have more queries or questions about our PodCast services!


NOTE: Apple Podcast updates very slowly. So it's not our fault although we start your new order within 12-24 hours! Besides, PodCast Downloads, Stream, Subscribers, Ratings...need the time to increase. So please be patient a bit!


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