For musicians, audiophiles, and music lovers, Soundcloud is the best platform to audio tracks that they cannot find in any other platforms. If you want to start your musical career as a musician on Soundcloud, it will be challenging to make people listen to your music on Soundcloud. But worry not! Use these tools below to gain more plays on your Soundcloud if you prefer not to buy Soundcloud plays cheap.


As the official website explains, BuyViewsLikes is actually a company of social media marketing which does influencer marketing. It is able to drive a lot of people to your Youtube, Twitter, or Soundcloud account. BuyViewsLikes has already been operating for almost a decade. It is able to bring a lot of fans online even to a newcomer band or musician. As you know, having social proof is really worth to consider.


Hypeddit is a promotional platform which is specially purposed to make your tracks on your Soundcloud to be more seen to potential fans. Generally, this website is marketed to musicians, but it is still able to be used by Soundcloud users to promote and expose their own music. Hypeddit works by providing some tools for its users to increase the social proof of your music and make it becomes more visible to your followers.

The work of this website is pretty effective. It involves musicians to upload exclusive contents that the listeners can access them by becoming a follower on the musicians’ Soundcloud. It is simple and easy to setup Hypeddit, by linking your Soundcloud account to Hypeddit. You do not need any additional tools. This tool also works well with various applications of file sharing such as Megaupload or Dropbox to save your download files.

Click DJ

Click DJ is a platform of track promotions which covers a wide range of social media besides Soundcloud, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. This service allows you to manage promotions on those different social media only through one account. One of the most useful features of this service is its function of Followers Sync. This feature makes it possible for you to increase followers on all of your social media within the website.

When you follow Click DJ, it will also automatically follow you on your social media accounts. Moreover, when a person downloads your promotional music, they will be asked to be connected to you on your other social media accounts. The feature of ‘follow to download’ is also able to be integrated into your website, if you have one. By inserting the download link on your website, you will be able to integrate it into your Soundcloud and other social media accounts.

Another useful feature of Click DJ that can help you gain more plays if you do not want to buy Soundcloud plays cheap is the creation of download pages. Click DJ will allow you to pack your links to a neater website that can attract more attention.

Those are the tools you can use if you prefer not to buy Soundcloud plays cheap.