The Ultimate Guide to Link Building

You can buy high quality backlinks but it will not be the ultimate answer for this case. Several things are recommended to be done if you want to build your brand on your website with dignity and pride. Other than that, you still have the threat of Google penalties if you do not consider the place you buy the traffic.

In this article, we have several interesting tips for you. It will help the link building you are currently doing right now. On the other hand, you can buy high-quality backlinks but if you do not then you will be fine.

Link Reclamation

Normally, when someone mentioned your brand in their article, they should link to your website. However, it does not always work that way and it is also the reason why people purchase backlinks in the first place. You need to use a service that will find your brand in every post of other people on the internet. You can ask the website’s owner with a gentle nudge so they will link your brand to your website later.

Reverse Image Search

Whether you buy cheap traffic or not, you need to include the image, charts, infographics, and visual assets to your posts. So, if people used it for their sites, it will link to you. However, if it does not happen that way, you can try the Google reverse image search. It works like the link reclamation so you can simply nudge those who use your visual assets so they will link them to your site later. Do not worry because you are fine even though you buy real website traffic.

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Send Emails in the Afternoon

Outreach emails are not a strange thing and you still need to try this even if you buy real website traffic. It is better if you send the email in the afternoon but make sure that it is in the local time of the recipients. In the morning, there might be 90 other emails that will come to someone’s inbox. When it gets later, you have a lesser number to compete in the inbox instantly. You can use a certain tool to help to send the emails according to the recipient’s local time after you buy cheap traffic.

Create Strategies and Ideas

You should buy USA website traffic if you want to target the USA audience. However, you better equip your posts with visualizations because images and other visual assets are easier to share. On the other hand, you will get a bunch of traffic if the former visitors share it with the others. As we have said in the previous paragraph, visual assets are easier to be linked.

Pre-Curated Link Targets

It is not easy to get quality link targets but someone has made a list of the pre-curated link targets for you. Typically, they make the list of best blogs and it will be a great opportunity if you try this thing too. You may buy cheap website traffic but you should try this tip because it will help you to maintain the traffic.