A new Facebook Fan Page only have a few likes will meet very many difficults to become popular or get more exposures. Because almost people will ignore the Facebook Pages have a little amount of likes. Build brand on Facebook need the time and patient.

Marketing for a new Facebook Page also not easy (even when you choice Facebook Ads for promotion). Why? Because a new Facebook Page haven’t a good basic and not attract to visitors. So people will not interest to learn about that Facebook Page. Therfore, you need create amount of likes as a platform to help spread your field easier more on Facebook!

You can learn about benefits that Facebook Likes bring in this article!

Have a few ways to get more Facebook Likes such as:

  • Ask your friends and famlity click LIKE!
  • Write articles to marketing for your brand on social networks to attract more likes.
  • Post comments on related topic and include your Facebook Page URL! Then hope people will LIKE if feel helpful
  • Create the videos on Youtube and encourage people learn about your Facebook Page
  • LIKE4LIKE mean that you join Facebook Groups and request people click LIKE for your Facebook Page then you too.
  • Use Facebook Ads to get more Facebook Likes! But this way require you have knowledge and experiences
  • Buy Facebook Likes for your Facebook Fan Page.

With that ways and analysis above, you should buy real Facebook Likes if your Facebook Page is new or only have a little amount of likes. This will help create a shelf to grow your brand easier more on Facebook.

If your Facebook Page have amount of likes basic then you can combined rest ways to increase number of likes more effective.

Advantages and disadvantages when buy Facebook Likes

Buy Real Facebook Likes will help you save money while bring more likes. You should choice a reliable Facebook marketing service provide quality likes. The fact that many Facebook Page reach thousands amount of likes and receive the results bright. So no reasons to worry about safe or effective that Facebook Likes bring.

Buy Facebook Likes also have advantages and disadvantages as below:


  • Buy Facebook Likes help your Facebook Fan Page have a big amount of likes within a few days or week.
  • Help your brand have a big platform and become instant popular
  • Drive more traffic to your targeted website
  • Organic likes will increase each day if your Facebook Page have many likes
  • Your new posts will easier more to get recognition and reception from people
  • Brand identity and boost your social media presence on Facebook
  • Create advantages to overcome the rivals.
  • Your products will become more attractive and apprcieated in the eyes of many people. This will help promote sales and profit!


  • Almost the likes are unactive. Their work only is click LIKE for your Facebook Page!
  • If you use bad Facebook Likes service then your Facebook Page likely meet dangerous although this case is small probability
  • The likes likely drop if you use a Facebook service offer fake likes! Facebook algorithm very delicate to detect this issues

Overall, you should buy Facebook Likes at first to help create a big basic but also need have experience to choice a reputation Facebook service. You only should use Facebook service have warranty and provide affordable prices. Purchase a little package to test with any Facebook services. Be wise consumer! :)