If you want to become a Youtuber and make money from Youtube, it’s great. You can create videos with great content that you love. With unique content on the videos for specific keywords, your videos will attract more viewers. Besides, Youtube will pay for Youtube Views which show the Ads in the eyes of viewers. You even can make money on Youtube with the lifetime in case your contents are unique, creative, or bring value for the Youtube community!

But your first task is to turn on make money on your Youtube account!

We review 2 criteria that Youtube asking to become a Youtube partner

You need to receive 1,000 Youtube Subscribers on Youtube channel

Youtube requires your Youtube channel need to have 1,000+ real subscribers to turn-on monetization and become a Youtube partner. If you do not know how to bring 1,000+ real Youtube Subscribers, I will recommend you buy Youtube Subscribers. This way was active and working. Millions of Youtube users received more than 1,000+ Youtube Subscribers after buying real Youtube Subscribers.

Turn on Youtube Monetization

Turn on Youtube Monetization

Buy real Youtube Subscribers is a quick way to help you turn-on monetize on Youtube. I do not know a better way can bring 1,000+ Youtube Subscribers faster more than buy Youtube Subscribers! Especially, this way is recognized by the Youtube team. Of course, you should choose a reliable Youtube marketing service to help bring real Youtube Subscribers.

You need to reach 4,000 hours watch time

The second task is 4,000 hours watch time on your Youtube videos. Real Youtube Views mean that each view will watch 1 to 3 minutes in the length of the video. If your videos haven’t any views, you will need about 120,000 to 150,000 real Youtube Views in all videos to reach 4,000 hours watch time.

I suggest you buy real Youtube Views. This way will help your videos receive enough 4,000 hours watch time quickly and become a Youtube partner! Buy real Youtube Views applied and it effective with millions of Youtube users!

Invest about $500-$800 and make money lifetime on Youtube

You can share your Youtube channel and videos on social media networks o get more Youtube Subscribers, Views, and save money. With a new Youtube account, to turn on monetize, you will need to invest $600 to $800 to reach 1,000 Youtube Subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time! Of course, this depends on your current platform such as the number of subscribers loved your content or videos or amount of followers on your social networks.

Perform now and make your aims real! Make more money on Youtube is a great idea. But you need to have good plans or strategy!