Youtube is second search engine (only after Google) with more than 1 billion users so no reasons to ignore boost your social media presence on Youtube. You have great videos and attractive contents but you need marketing for them.

Marketing your brand on Youtube is very important because your rivals doing this each day! Of course that you need have knowledge and method to do Youtube marketing or you can hire Youtube marketing services. Specific, your video need reach TOP 10 Youtube to get more visitors. If your video ranking is low, no guarantee that people can know see it.

In this article, i want instructing you how to SEO your video on TOP Youtube search only with 3 simple steps! It’s my experience.

Buy real Youtube Subscribers is first step on SEO video

Why you need to buy real Youtube Subscribers? Because:

  1. Youtube help your channel look professional and natural. For example as: your video have 20,000 views & 2,000 likes but only have a few Youtube Subscribers. It’s very nonsense and unnatural.
  2. Buy real Youtube Subscribers will help improve video ranking on Youtube search engine. Youtube algorithm always appreciate and like the video have a big amount of subscribers. Because this mean that many people appreciate and recognized that channel. They clicked “subscribe” button
  3. When you have many Youtube Subscribers, next steps will easier more. Because the subscribers likely help you promote your new videos.

Where is offer real Youtube Subscribers?

You can search on Google with keyword: “buy real Youtube Subscribers” to looking for a Youtube service. You should purchase a little package to test before purchase more. You also need compare quality subscribers and the prices betweens a few Youtube providers. Because if you get real Youtube Subscribers at cheap prices then this will help save money for you!  Collect a Youtube service really reliable and do business a long time instead use many Youtube services! I always recommend Youtube services have LIFETIME warranty and 100% Money Back!

Buy real Youtube Views help strongly promote your video ranking on Youtube

Step 2: Buy real Youtube Views really very important and decided your video reach TOP 10 Youtube or not. So you need to have views as many as possible. Note that frame gold time to increase number of views is 24-48 hours after you upload new video on Youtube.

Also, buy real Youtube Views bring other benefits as below:

  1. A big number of views will create a big basic platform to help promote your video in future!
  2. Many views will help create strong impression and easier more to get recognition in the eyes of many visitors.
  3. Get more views mean that get more opportunities to drive traffic to your targeted website!
  4. A huge number of views will help your video get natural views, likes & comments increase each day!

Where is offer real Youtube Views?

Youtube Views really bring very many benefits but buy real Youtube Views require you need have a bit knowledge. Because looking for a reliable Youtube Views service ever easy. Many Youtube services offer low quality views then Youtube algorithm will remove them very quickly and harm to your video. So you need learn about the reviews from previous buyers before put the order.

You only should choice Youtube services have lifetime warranty and good support. This really very important more than the prices.

Buy Youtube Likes and Comments help improve video ranking on Youtube

This is final step: Buy Youtube Likes very necessary for your video (only after Youtube Views). More Youtube Likes mean that more Youtube rating or vote for your video to reach TOP. But i think number of Youtube Likes should equal 10% number of Youtube Views. For example as: your video have 20,000 views then should have 2,000 likes. Because it will look natural and reasonable.

Please note that 24-48 hours is the best time to increase likes as many as possible after upload new video!

Many Likes also help your video get more certain benefits such as:

  1. People always respect the video have many likes. Because they always think that video have careful investment about content and quality then appreciated in the eyes of visitors.
  2. Open more opportunities to people watch and interact with your video. This will help promote organic number of likes and views.
  3.  Create firm basic to your video get more interaction easier more and viral marketing

Youtube Comments is third important. Because more interaction mean that more love with Youtube. Youtube always appreciate Youtube video have many comments or discussed!

SEO Backlinks if your video still not reach TOP 10 Youtube

After you do 3 steps above but your video still not reach TOP 10 Youtube then you should SEO backlinks. I think that’s keywords have very competitive because only need perform 3 that steps then your video will reach TOP.

You can search on Google how to SEO backlinks for Youtube video. It’s similar as SEO Google.

If you have the time, you can join SEO video Forum then write article advertising about your field (don’t forget leave your video URL)  or share your video URL on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram…). This will help people interact with your video if your content is quality and attractive!

Summary, I only need used 3 steps above then my videos reach TOP 10 Youtube search. Therefore, i trust you too. Specific, you can search keywords: “buy youtube subscribers”, “buy youtube likes”, “buy soundcloud followers”, “buy soundcloud likes, “buy facebook likes cheap”… on Youtube search then you will see our videos ranking on TOP 10 Youtube search. Good luck!