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How to Effectively Get More Plays on Soundcloud

Soundcloud has become one of the most popular and greatest online music platforms in this digital era. It is a great place to listen to any genre of music, both the newest ones or the old ones. Soundcloud can also be media for you to introduce your music to people and the world. But if you look for any other ways besides buy soundcloud plays cheap, you can follow these to tips below to gain more plays on your Soundcloud.

Connect with Other Soundcloud Musicians or Artists

If you want to expose your music to people, you cannot only focus on your own music. There are other musicians out there who create the same genre of music just like yours. Try to find these musicians and build a network with them. By building a network with other musicians, the music you create will begin to get plays, even though it is only from other musicians you have connected.

Find at least 3 to 4 musicians on Soundcloud who create and introduce the same music like yours. Connect with those musicians, whether on Soundcloud or any other social media. Play the music they make, like or give a comment on their posts. Search for chances to share and introduce your own music within the comments. Moreover, participate in any music discussions. Do not doubt to share information about yourself and your musical journey.

If you consistently do this, you will soon be seen by the musicians you follow and also people who follow them. It is only about time before they begin to explore your tracks and search you on Soundcloud. Next, you will get more plays from those people.

Use Other Social Media to Expose Your Music

Do not focus on introducing and exposing your music only on Soundcloud. If you have social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others, use them to promote your music. Especially if you already have a lot of friends on your social media. It is the time to create your own musician page and turn your friends into your fans. A band page or musician page on Facebook, for example, will let you share your tracks when you create them. Then, you are able to re-share your musical posts from your musician page to your personal Facebook account. This way, there is a chance that you get clicks from your Facebook friends.

You can grow your musician page on Facebook by using the advertisement feature if you do not want to buy Soundcloud play cheap. This advertisement feature is also cheap, fast, and targeted to the right people. When you use the advertisement feature, you basically advertise your post, which is your tracks on Soundcloud. Then, you will be able to get more plays on Soundcloud. Those plays will finally result in a lot of visibility on the Soundcloud itself. So that it will expose your own music to a lot more users.

Those are the effective ways you can do besides buy Soundcloud play cheap to introduce your music to the world.


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